Thursday, June 15, 2006

You are most welcome...

The title of course is in anticipation of expression of gratitude on your part. I found this clip of the ultra-hilarious Mahabharat scene from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron through Naveen's blog yesterday.

This easily ranks as one of my favourite movies for its satirical take on the 80s construction boom and the Antulay cement scam exposed by Indian Express under Arun Shourie and his batch of special correspondents (one of whom I know personally).

So without further ado just LYAO!


Amit said...

Yeah, One amazingly hilarious flick.

I loved D'mello driving his coffin, and rolled skating through a veiled congregation.

And the recursive Dhrutrashtra at "Yeh kya ho rahaa hai?"

LOL, one helluva movie.

Suyog said...

Agree, this was one of the hilarious movies made. The funny thing is many ppl from this movie went on to become big stars in themselves. The mahabharat scene yes however remains a classic.


Pooh said...

(one of whom I know personally).

how the fuck is the relevant?

Chetan said...

Pooh: It isn't relevant to everyone. I have a certain section of my friends who read this blog. It is an inside joke for them. Don't bother much.