Thursday, June 08, 2006


I have been keeping away from the blogosphere for a while. Been a bit busy with a lot of stuff and am sure this is a temporary break. Gaurav has tagged me invoking my only name to fame, my long sentences. So here I am pandering to the expectations.

I am thinking aboutnaveen job laglelya roommate la aaj ratri New York City chya kuthlya club madhe kapayche. For non-marathi readers… I am thinking about which hip New York City club would be the best to extract a party from my roommate who just got a job.

I said – Even after not updating the blog for almost 2 months friends still visit your blog even tag you. So Chetan… pretty please with sugar on top, BLOG!

I want to – be in her arms.

I wish – I was as intelligent, prolific and well-read as Ashutosh, as witty as Gaurav, as insightful as Ravikiran, as funny as Greatbong, as sarcastic as Gawker, as focused and experienced as Naveen, as easy-going as Suyog, as full of conviction as Gautam, as principled as Patrix, as sincere and honest as Krishna, as literary as Dubious, as creative as Amit, as wise as Sir and as questioning as Sanket. I also wish my writing exuded warmth like Shruthi’s writing does, was as lucid as Dilip’s, was as simple and uncomplicated as Manasi’s writings, was as fair and straightforward as Neha’s, as exciting as Mridula’s travel posts, was as lawyerly as Red’s, as fiery as Vulturo’s and as sensitive as Vikrum’s.

I miss – Vaishali’s cheese onion uttappa and SPDP, Savera’s medu wada sambar (sambar main dubake), Manmeet’s Chhole Bhature, Bedekar and Shree’s Misal, Sujata’s Mastani, Athavale dairy near New English school Ramanbag’s kharwas and the khuskhushit hot batatawadas wadas at Prabha raswanti griha beside it, Beleshwar’s (on canal road near Prabhat road) bhel, strawberry colada of CCD, Marzorin’s sandwiches and Burger King’s chicken burger, Kayani’s shrewsberry, Chitale’s bakharwadi, sabudana wada near Shaniwarwada, Wadeshwar bhavan’s idlis and the sugarcane juice in front of it near Kelkar Museum, bread patties from Tilak on Tilak road near Behere classes, the kulfi faluda from Poona Colddrink house near Tilak Smarak Mandir, the malai topped lassi from Dilliwala dairy near market yard, Pav bhaji and dabeli from n number of places, and I never thought I would say this but I even miss the Chinese food at the University tapris. Nostalgia is not always depressing I suppose. ;)

I hear – the sound of ‘that which ceases to exist when it is uttered and which breaks no sooner than it is spoken.’ Hint: A song by Simon and Garfunkel.

I wonder – What is the motivation behind doing what he does and that too in such an obnoxious manner? Whether there is an underlying philosophy behind Nilu’s writings, or is it just random mischief and tomfoolery, whether his writings are an attempt to crystallise his master morality or is it just about increasing his page rank? Is it a case of ‘knows the cost of everything and value of nothing’ or is it precisely because he knows the value of everything that he affords himself the luxury of nitpicking about the costs?

I regret – that I don’t regret my habit of procrastination.

I am – therefore I think.

I dance – to no one’s tune; unfortunately that includes my own tune as well.

I sing –only during antakshari where others are least bothered about listening to your voice.

I cry – out aloud when I miss a simple shot in carom or on the pool table.

I am not always – discussing politics and current affairs.

I make with my hands – tasty batata wadas.

I write – in an illegible handwriting.

I confuse –condescension with a non-existent word condescendation. ;)

I need – friends who live on the edge, and are a little insane as much as I need warm sensible and rooted friends.

I should try – and be judgmental once in a while, look at the world in black and white, not to be philosophical about events concerning me personally.

I finish – not a single task I undertake. And therefore I wont tag anyone else and leave this tag unfinished.

P.S. : My blog is currently being inundated with spam and therefore the comments are on moderation. However rest assured that all vile comments will find their place in the sun.


Gaurav said...


By the way, tujhya post chya madhye madhye kaahitari code ka yetoy sarkha?

Chetan said...

Mahit nahi ka asa hotay. The code comes when viewed through Internet Explorer only. It doesn't show up in Firefox but happens when I publish a post using Firefox. Also there is some problem with blogger today. It published the same post twice.

Venu said...

I also wish my writing exuded warmth like Shruthi’s writing does..

I think "warm" is an apt adjective with which to describe your writing - both in the archaic sense of ardent and excitable, as well as in the usual sense of agreeable and pleasant.

neha said...

You compliment fisher you! :)

Manasi said...

Hmmm...... ;)

Sanket said...

OKAY. I would surely want to question your motive behind sandwiching my name between those huge loaves. What is it - tomfoolery or "condescendation"?

Suyog said...

Did you ever get my reply - I had replied a big reply to this post, but I have a feeling it didnt make it - lemme know so I can umm type again :D


Chetan said...

Venu: I wish my compliments were as well-thought out as yours, containing some nugget of information such as what a word means in archaic sense. ;) I think your posts on libertarianism and in defense of libertarianism are gems. You never come across as an ideological hack despite being a strong believer in an ideology and that makes me comfortable as a reader knowing that you wont try to cover up or gloss over any deficiencies while arguing from an ideological point of view and will address the issues forthrightly. That lends an authoritativeness to your writings.

Neha: Its almost as if you can see through me. I should have added perceptive along with fair and straightforward. ;)

Manasi: Now that "Hmmm..... ;)" is a bit complicated to decipher. :)

Sanket: It's neither. The juxtaposition has something to do with the city you three belong to. On a serious note I really envy the relationship you have with Sir. I mean I would be questioning too if I had a mentor like that.

Suyog: I didn't get your reply. Would love to hear what you had to say. And whats with long replies anyways? Trying to compete with me? ;)

Suyog said...

Ok, here is what I had said, If my grey cells serve me right....

"Sounds of Silence?" :) - You've been silent enough too long on this blog buddy, and I was almost about to give up on this blog hehe (yet another fantastic writer bites the dust, I was abt to write in my obit :) ) - but thankfully u've resurfaced :)

I also figured from elsewhere on the web that you are perhaps heading for a while or something? Or is it the reverse? In either case, both of you must be really happy and umm... waiting to see each other hehe.

BTW, hoz your trainin goin - I suggest, you quickly come back to D.C once your training is over. Afterall, great minds like... greatbong... and ummm yours truly live here :D


Ashutosh said...

Your "I miss" list brought tears to my eyes. I miss all that too. Nostalgia may not be depressing, but supply not keeping up with demand surely is!

Vikrum said...

Thanks for the shout out Chetan. I'm right now in Dharamsala, which is a tourist mess. Maybe I'll blog on it. Maybe not.

Patrix said...

Principled? least someone realizes my true worth :)

Get back to blogging and commenting...not seen you around in a while.

Chetan said...

Suyog: It is the reverse. She is heading here. The training is almost over and even I would like to return to DC soon.

Ashutosh: I know exactly what you mean. Its not only the food but one misses the memories of wonderful times spent there with friends chitchatting.

Vikrum : Thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to reading about your experiences in Dharmashala.

Patrix: I am sure everyone appreciates the good work you put in. A few oddballs can and should be ignored. The new Desipundit layout is really appealing. Will take a little time to get used to but I am sure will come to like it more over a period of time.

Dilip D said...

Ani askhalit marathi pan! What more could one want in a blog! You should be writing more because you're an example to me.

There, now have I maska-fied you enough to get some of those batata wadas out of you?

Venu said...

Wow, thanks Chetan!

Shruthi said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much *blush*! :) Such a compliment from a writer as *ahem* good as you! ;)

Amit said...

I need – friends who live on the edge, and are a little insane as much as I need warm sensible and rooted friends.

I meet the little insane requirements.

Welcome back aft' the long break!

gawker said...

Thanks for the mention my friend. And no thanks for all the Pune nostalgia. Is Burger King still open? That's the one on East Street right? Never had a chance to taste the chicken burger, always had the King burger, am still clueless what it was made out of. Whatever it was, it was awesome.

Nirwa said...

Hmm.. what is misal? And kharwas? And vegetarian? Nice blog here..

"I finish – not a single task I undertake." That is so much me! :P

Keep writing,


Chetan said...

Dilip: Lucid as always! Thanks, and your encouragement qualifies you for a round of batatawadas as soon as you come to the US.

Venu: You are most welcome.

Shruthi: Thanks for your warm wishes.

Amit: I realised that, after viewing your insanely exceptional new design for your blog.

Gawker: Yes Burger king is on the East Street and has now grown even larger. They have shifted to the ground floor two three shops away from their original location. I used to be a big fan of (beef) King Burger too until I read about the mad cow disease back then. Of course then I was gullible enough, now I know better.

Nirwa: Misal is a wonderful concoction of matki usal, farsan and a hot spicy curry on top. You can find more info here and here. Kharwas is a sweet made from cow's first milk. It is really tasty and you should try it.

Amit said...

Coolio! Thanks for the pat! I am planning to push out the older design as public domain.

Mridula said...

Good to see you blogging again and I was on vacation, so it took some time to catch up. Thanks a lot for your kind words about my travel writing, and you should definitely be writing more.

Sri said...

Oh wow! you really know how to flatter! :) Thanks for the adjective behind my name and also the usual transcription error.. :)